Electrical Field Services

Cable Insulation Testing, Cable Overpotential Testing, and Cable Insulation Resistance

Cable insulation/overpotential and insulation resistance testing is fundamental because a cable's protective sheath wears down over time. A faulty cable can result in a short circuit, harm to your electrical system, power failure, or even harm to surrounding personnel. As a result, it is important to replace or repair cables before reaching critical points.

Testing a cable's sheath is done in a number of ways. The first is referred to as insulation resistance testing, which involves passing current flow through a cable and measuring the current outflow.

The second way to test a cable's sheath or insulation is through the dielectric absorption ratio. Checking the dielectric absorption ratio involves a similar process of passing current through a cable and measuring current flow over a period of time.

The third way to test a cable's protective insulation is the step voltage test. The step voltage test involves using a dual voltage test instrument to measure cable that don't have physical damage, moisture, or contamination.

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The Electrical Testing Company

Offering electrical testing services, including field testing, uninterruptible power supply services, and electrical engineering services for industries, The Electrical Testing Company is the perfect guide to providing you with prompt resolutions and preemptive measures. Never go a day without power or a day worrying about whether you electrical system can withstand the pressures and demands it endures.

ETC has offered testing, engineering, and electrical emergency services for over two decades to clients worldwide. Based in Hayward, California, ETC is the perfect choice for projects of all sizes and in all locations.

ETC’s services are divided into three divisions, field services, uninterruptible power supply services, and electrical engineering services.

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