Electrical Engineering Services

Harmonic Testing for Your Electrical System including Capacitor Banks & Transformers

Harmonic studies are used to determine whether the harmonic distortion levels and voltage levels are up to par. Running the study assists in the understanding of the load bearing capacities of your equipment and ensures that the equipment provides the necessary load output. The studies also ensure the harmonic currents are suitable and are in accord with specifications, and determines whether equipment filters are performing to standards.

We conduct a holistic study considering your expansion plans and potential demand for additional load, and provide you with a detailed analysis as to whether or not your transformers and capacitor banks can withstand daily load requirements, potential additional load, and emergencies.

Power Supplies

Battery Testing, Start-Up/Commissioning Testing, Generator Testing & More

Electrical Field

Acceptance Testing, Switchboard Testing, Field Labeling/Evaluation & More

Electrical Engineering

Short Circuit Analysis and Repair, Preventative Maintenance, Electrical Emergency Repair and Management, & More

The Electrical Testing Company

Offering electrical testing services, including field testing, uninterruptible power supply services, and electrical engineering services for industries, The Electrical Testing Company is the perfect guide to providing you with prompt resolutions and preemptive measures. Never go a day without power or a day worrying about whether you electrical system can withstand the pressures and demands it endures.

ETC has offered testing, engineering, and electrical emergency services for over two decades to clients worldwide. Based in Hayward, California, ETC is the perfect choice for projects of all sizes and in all locations.

ETC’s services are divided into three divisions, field services, uninterruptible power supply services, and electrical engineering services.

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