Electrical Load Monitoring and Electrical Load Analysis

Arc Flash Studies and Testing to Prevent Arc Blasts

Arc flashes are powerful electrical arcs that can cause substantial damage to your electrical system and potentially surrounding people in the event of an explosion. Arc flash temperatures can reach extreme levels cause significant burns or even death. Because of the dangerous nature of arc flash, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has drafted guidelines in NFPA 70E which define what safety mechanisms should be implemented in order to ensure safety in the workplace. Further, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has adopted the provisions set forth in NFPA 70E as guidelines for determining whether an entity has acted reasonably to protect against arc flash hazards. Violating entities face fines and potential costly litigation in the event of an arc flash. Arc flash studies should be performed at least once every three years, at a significant change in electrical load, or at a change in your electrical system structure. It is most effective to conduct the study concurrently with Short Circuit & Coordination Studies .

How to Protect Yourself with Arc Flash Studies and Electrical Testing

Arc flash studies and testing determine the resistance that each piece of equipment has to arc blasts and prepares personnel to prevent arc flashes, and utilize arc flash protection equipment. At ETC, we understand the applicable regulations and we customize studies specifically for your electrical system, ensuring that you are adequately protected from the potential of arc flashes.

Our holistic arc flash studies include:

  • System Vulnerability Analysis: we will run tests with various power loads to determine how components of your electrical system will react under varying electrical conditions
  • Device Coordination Studies: we will run tests on your electrical systems components to determine what setup is the most effective and efficient, while also determining which particular setup yields to minimal amounts of exposure to an arc flash incident
  • Arc Flash Hazard Calculations: we will run tests to determine what the potential for arc flash damage is, which calculating fault current, arching times, distance of travel
  • Implementation of Hazard Mitigation Techniques: we will develop hazard mitigation techniques and plans
  • Implementation of Hazard Labeling and Protective Measures: we will assist in the development of a hazard labeling program to clearly identify and assist your company’s staff avoid dangerous arc flashes

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